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Reflect Fabrics is a proud Australian Manufacturing company based in Sunny South East Queensland developing the world's highest grade of omni-prismatic retroreflective flexible fabric. Reflect Fabrics Range was designed & developed to provide the most versatile, compact, flexible solution for the greatest reflective diamond grade visibility of workers, their equipment, and public awareness in all industries such as:

  • Mining

  • Emergency & Fire Services

  • Civil and Construction Industries

  • Local/federal councils & government authorities

  • Utilities - water, telecommunication & electricity providers

Z Series Fabric Range


This heavy duty, high visibility, flexible reflective fabric has been designed to maintain its retroreflectivity at all observation angles during day/night/wet and underground conditions.  Tests prove it is the highest grade of reflective fabric in the world. 

All reflective fabric can be directly printed on allowing personalisation and long lasting messages as well as corporate branding.

Reflect Fabrics Z Series is available in a range of retroreflective omni brite colours: DAY USE Z-2006 Fluorescent Orange,  Z-0108 Fluorescent Yellow/Green

FABRIC RANGE REFLECTIVE NIGHT USE Z-2006, Z-0108, Z-2011, Z-1408, Z-2204, Z-1211, Z-4030, Z-0909, Z-4066, Z-4055

Reflect Fabrics offers complete OEM fabrication Solutions

The reflectivity is equally effective in day, night, rain or when used underground. Designed to withstand all harsh weather conditions found throughout the world. Reflect Fabrics technology requires no access to maintenance or power. The sustainable product has a long lifespan.

Our PromiseWe will work with you to produce a product that exceeds your expectations and gains your required results.
TogetherWe will grow through partnership and innovation. Providing a synergy of signage and safety excellence.
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With our innovative range of CLASS 1W Reflective Based Product:

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